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Teaching with Engaging Tasks

Engaging Tasks are an easy-to-implement, real world learning strategy that, when implemented well, many students find very motivating.  An Engaging Task tells a little story (only a paragraph or so!) that gives the students a reason for doing the work. … Continue reading

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What Makes for a Great Engaging Task?

Here’s another example of an Engaging Task: You have been hired by Paramount’s King’s Island to research the roller coasters of Ohio, and then to come up with an idea for a new coaster. King’s Island wants to build a … Continue reading

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We Must Do More Than Fill Students’ Vessels

I was especially dissatisfied with my own teaching when I started. Early in my teaching career, I was presented with a paradox that continues to shape my interests in education. When I was teaching high school computer application courses, my … Continue reading

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Kindling Fires of Curiosity

“A mind is a fire to kindled, not a vessel to be filled.” (Plutarch) I am a Mainer who has lived in several homes heated by wood stoves, and have done living history, and have gone camping, so I am … Continue reading

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Making Lessons Interesting 2

It may not be possible to always tie curriculum into the students’ interests, even when teachers know their students well. I do believe, however, that we can make things interesting. Take, for example, adjectives. This is typically a topic that … Continue reading

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Making Lessons Interesting 1

Intrinsic motivation (things that we're interested in) is probably our most powerful motivator. Interest as a motivator is not just building on what students are already interested in. It is also about making things interesting. Can you use novelty? Can … Continue reading

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