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The (New) Evolving Face of Professional Development

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about professional development.  We’re working on a comprehensive project to define a professional learning curriculum related to our strategic initiatives (Customized Learning, Tech for Learning, etc), build modules and professional learning playlists around those learning … Continue reading

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The Evolving Face of Professional Development

Clearly, we've been thinking a lot lately about professional development. Not only are we recognizing that we just don't have enough opportunities to do traditional “everyone in the same room” professional development, but we have started thinking differently about the … Continue reading

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The Need for a Quality, Distributed Professional Development System

Maybe you're experiencing something similar… We really noticed it last year when we introduced iPads to first grade. We now had double the classrooms with iPads (having introduced iPads to kindergarten the year before), but still only one Elementary Tech … Continue reading

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How the Phases Help Support Implementation and Teachers

The Phases of Implementation are actually a tool to leverage in support of teachers and the school's or district's implementation of Customized Learning. The components of Customized Learning are certainly not new to schools, but successfully implementing CL depends on … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Blaming Teachers, It’s About Locus of Control

I keep writing about, and presenting about, how teachers need to teach differently… Pretty soon you'll start thinking that I'm blaming teachers for the challenges in our schools… Most of what I write about in this blog is educational change, … Continue reading

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Positive Pressure and Support: All 3 Pieces

Level of implementation matters. Unfortunately, simply participating in training and having the right resources available does not mean that students will do better or that your initiative will have it’s desired impact. The degree to which teachers implement your initiative … Continue reading

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Positive Pressure & Support Part 3: Support

Schools need effective, practical approaches to helping more students succeed academically. A focus on student motivation and meaningful, engaged learning, on project- or problem-based learning, on personalized, customized learning, or on technology rich learning environments are all approaches that can … Continue reading

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