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The (New) Evolving Face of Professional Development

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about professional development.  We’re working on a comprehensive project to define a professional learning curriculum related to our strategic initiatives (Customized Learning, Tech for Learning, etc), build modules and professional learning playlists around those learning … Continue reading

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Moving Towards Standards-Based Grading

One aspect of transitioning to Customized Learning is finding systems for tracking and monitoring student learning, as well as, ways to report learning progress, especially to parents. One piece of this is some sort of standards-based grading system. But moving … Continue reading

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Deliberate Leadership for School Change: an Overview of the Lead4Change Model

Large-scale school change often involves both complex systems (lots of different people, schools, organizations, etc.), as well as, things that teachers have never experienced themselves. That's why schools need a model of deliberate leadership for school change. One such model … Continue reading

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We Had It All Backwards: The Two Types of Instruction

When I told my Curriculum Director, Shelly, about my thinking about there being two types of instruction (Instruction for Lower Level Thinking and Instruction for Higher Order Thinking), she seemed to think the idea made a lot of sense to … Continue reading

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School is Boring

School is boring. We all know it. Kids know it. Parents know it, but don’t want to think about it. We teachers know it, too, but defend it. In some small way, I think we don’t want to think that … Continue reading

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Positive Pressure & Support Part 2: Supervision

So, you’re waist deep in your school’s initiative. Maybe it’s improving learning by taking advantage of 1to1 tablets or laptops, or through Mass Customized Learning, or with a focus on student motivation and engagement. And you are providing teachers with … Continue reading

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Driving Your Initiative: Positive Pressure & Support (Part 1: Expectations)

So you’re working on your school initiative, and you really believe in it, and you really want it to make a difference. And you are trying to pay attention to leadership for school change, and have certainly provided training to … Continue reading

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